Benefits of Hiring a Tenant Representation Broker


Tenant representation is one very specific (and beneficial) service within the vast world of Commercial Real Estate services. This type of commercial real estate brokerage we offer at Elevate allows our brokers to advocate solely on behalf of the tenant, instead of the landlord. It can often be a big and costly mistake to a business when the owner or founder tries to procure a commercial lease without the help and assistance of a skilled industry expert. It can be extremely beneficial to have a skilled tenant rep broker in your corner. Why? Because Commercial Tenant Representation brokers are:

Knowledgeable Market Experts

Having accurate insights into the current market and developing a deep understanding of various neighborhoods and space inventory is a large part of a brokers job. This is where a lot of their value is derived from as most business owners don’t have the time or desire to become market experts, they need to focus on running their business. Our brokers also have paid access to listing and analytic tools like Costar and Loopnet that the general public doesn’t.

Professional & Skilled Negotiators

When it comes time in the process to move to leases, being able to successfully negotiate favorable lease terms for all the parties involved can be really difficult for tenants. More often than not when tenants chose not to work with a broker they can be left with surprises buried in the lease and potentially not paying a fair market rate for their space. Our talented broker team regularly participates in trainings and continuing education to make sure they are able to artfully deliver an incredible deal for their clients.

Strategic Introduction Makers

One of Elevate’s key differentiators that sets us apart from many of the largest, global firms within our industry is our unique access to a deep network of fellow entrepreneurs, venture capital, angel investors and industry professionals. Our co-founders, Chris & Kenny, are both active investors and entrepreneurs so they have a very unique perspective when it comes to the type of service we’re able to provide to the clients we serve. Our brokerage team is able to leverage these powerful relationships and pass along the value directly to their clients.

Process-Driven Managers

A good broker will always be wanting the best outcomes for the clients even after the leases are signed. It’s important to find a broker that is knowledgable of every stage of the leasing process beyond just searching and negotiating leases. Making sure you find a broker that can provide you with reputable resources and contacts to people like Architects, Lawyers, Engineers, Construction Managers, General Contractors, IT Vendors, Furniture Vendors etc. that would will undoubtably need to utilize throughout the term of your lease.

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