Ways To Keep Employees Engaged & Productive During Working From Home


Host Weekly Virtual Lunch and Learns

Now that everyone’s schedule has become a bit more homogenous during this mandatory #WFH, now is an excellent time to rally everyone together to learn a new skill, tool or process. These are normally voluntary sessions that last between 30-45 minutes either hosted by an external guest introducing a new skill or tool, or an internal member or group to deep dive into their area of expertise or business line. The objective is that it encourages employees to gain a deeper appreciation or understanding of their co-workers day to day functions or responsibilities. This can often lead to greater empathy among co-workers, a problem-solving jam sesh or introduces fresh ways for your teams to collaborate cross-functionally. If you’ve had to quickly adopt new apps into your daily workflows, these sessions can also serve as a great time to invite the company’s rep or account manager to explain how key features of their product work or offer dedicated time for Q&A with your team. Here’s 5 tips to hosting a successful L&L.

Create & Send Surveys Out To Gather Useful Data

When you’re not able to physically check-in or observe your employees in a traditional workplace setting, it’s more important than ever to have a channel for them to safely communicate their wants/needs/wellbeing to you. We rely on quarterly NPS survey’s to measure overall workplace satisfaction, but now could be the time to do more of a deep dive into the inner workings, motivations and desires of your team. Why not develop a wellness survey or personal survey to learn more about your organization during this time when it’s top of mind for everyone. You could also turn it into a fun opportunity to give away a prize or reward for people filling it out. Here’s 10 ways to increase employee survey participation.

You can design your own with Typeform or Survey Monkey or consider investing in an enterprise-level solution like CultureAmp or Enboarder (Austin-based and an Elevate client!) who is currently offering their Remote Home Experience solution at no cost for those looking to support their people through this change.

Surprise Them With A Home Delivery

Task your marketing or brand team with designing a fun WFH kit or useful branded item that can be easily delivered to your employees door. Maybe it’s a new pair of socks (we love Sock Club for custom socks), a small desk plant to liven up their home office or even just a handwritten note (Hello Mailbox is great for larger corporations needing to send handwritten, personalized notes) Just something tangible to let employees know you are thinking about them and something fun to open. Nothing like a little token of appreciation to spark some joy and motivation.

Add Fun & Useful Apps To Your Slack Account

If you hadn’t heard or tried any of these team collaboration apps before #COVID19– there’s no time like the present. We recently published a post on the Most Useful Apps For Working From Home to help get your team ramped up for remote work, but Slack is the shining star. Slack is the best team chat app and it allows everyone to feel connected to their team and co-workers, wherever they are. One great feature of Slack is the ability to add up to 10 apps on the free account. We definitely suggest adding Giphy (for quickly send fun/funny GIF responses)…

There is a whole library of additional integrations to help supercharge your team’s communication and workflows (and some that make “work-chatter” a bit more fun). Here’s some of the categories we recommend exploring:

As many businesses continue to adjust and evolve in an effort to quickly adapt to this temporary ‘new normal’ of remote work, we must respect the challenges and appreciate the opportunities that it presents. The opportunity to establish new ways of communicating, and connecting with our employees should be top of mind for all executives at this unique moment in the history of business. This time should inspire leadership to empower employees to work more autonomously and encourage creative solutions to problems that may not have been addressed otherwise. We can all get through this together, while still being apart.