Meet Partner Broker: Scott Studzinski

Scott Studzinski is a Partner at Elevate Growth Partners and has been working in Austin’s Commercial Real Estate market for the past 13 years. He specializes in Tenant Representation, representing many well-known local companies like Nulo Pet Foods, Pingboard and ImpactFire Services. He has experience in acquisitions, financial-modeling and has a passion for looking for the next big development opportunity. Continue on for a quick Q&A to learn more about Scott.



I’m originally from Detroit, Mi.

We live in the most exciting city in the country right now, what do you love most about Austin?

The People, The Energy, and all the Outdoor Activities

What would you say is your unique value/differentiator? Why do people want to work with you?

I have a well rounded business background, so I think most entrepreneurs and execs appreciate my approach, analysis, and advice when it comes to making real estate decisions.

What’s been the most exciting/rewarding moment in your Real Estate career thus far?

The quality of our clients make this job fun and interesting so I don’t think most us do this for the rewards or accolades. We do it because we genuinely like helping others navigate a pretty intense and stressful process where a lot of money is on the line for these businesses and individuals.

Austin is full of amazing things to do, see and experience–what’s are some of your go-tos?

I absolutely love swimming and hiking with my kids, especially in the summer and mountain biking with friends on the weekends. It’s a serious passion of mine, we’ve got a solid group that get together weekly and it’s awesome.

What do you love about working at Elevate Growth Partners?

I appreciate and love the culture we have here and definitely the tech savviness of our Team!

What is one thing most people wouldn’t or don’t know about you?

Not much. I am an open book.

How do you define success?

When it’s all said and done, the number of folks that attend your funeral is far more indicative of the life you lived than the number of zero’s in your bank account.

What motivates you?

Fear…..the fear of not living up to the high standards and expectations that I have set for myself. It is a powerful and burdensome emotion. But I live with it.

Where’s one place in the world you’ve never traveled to, but want to go visit?

I’ve always wanted to check out Spain.

Best concert you’ve attended in the last year?

Foo Fighters.

If you or someone wrote a book about your life–what would the title be?

Tough One… (*editor’s note: we’re honestly not sure if this was the title of his book or he really just thought this was a tough question. but we think either way it’d be a great title.) 

Go-to End of week cocktail order?

A well-made Old-Fashioned maybe from Whistlers.

Family, pets, other situations?

Scott Studzinski is a leading industry veteran, with over 13 years in Austin’s Commercial Real Estate market. He’s completed over 300 transactions totaling more than 8 Million SF with industry leaders such as Prologis, Live Oak-Gottesman, and SkylesBayne.

Armed with a powerful combination of market expertise, negotiating insights and experience, Scott is an invaluable asset on any transaction. Due to a resolute work ethic, Scott has been consistently ranked as a Commercial Real Estate Heavy Hitter by the Austin Business Journal.

Visit Scott’s broker bio page to learn more about and connect with him if you’re need of help with your next Real Estate lease, purchase or if you just need a mountain-biking buddy.

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