Local Love: How You Can Support Austin Businesses during COVID-19

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When we got the news of the official Order of Control in response to COVID-19, our hearts sank as we watched our favorite establishments announce their temporary shuttering (for now) or quick pivot to takeout/deliver with a reduced menu. As local business owners ourselves, we know how scary, confusing and unsettling this time must be. It’s near impossible to fully comprehend the far-reaching implications and negative trickle-down effects this will have for many months to come. I worked as a bartender in Austin for 7 years, so I can confidently report that this would be a terrifying time for any hourly employee and local business owner, especially those in our service industry–the true heart and soul of our city.

We want to see our favorite spots survive during this time, a feat that may seem insurmountable at the current moment, but is completely possible…

But not without our help.

We are asking all our fellow Austinites to use this time of social distancing as a unique opportunity– not to sit on the couch while binge-eating day-old mac n’ cheese, but to:

plan a date night-in with an UberEats or Favor delivery ($0 delivery fees) from a restaurant that you’ve always heard was good but never ‘had time’ to try,

or order coffees to pick-up for a friend who can’t leave the house,

or perhaps have a few books delivered to finally accomplish that goal of ‘reading more books’

or maybe try that yoga class everyone’s talking about, but you’ve been too nervous to go to, from the comfort of your own home.

Whatever you do, we’d like to ask you to consider shopping local whenever you possibly can.

Whenever you default to hopping on Amazon, or running to Walmart or Target…think of where you might be able to get some of those things at local merchants instead. We’ve compiled a list of all the listicles, restaurants, fitness studios, and local brands we know putting effort into providing services during this time to literally keep their lights on, employees working and spirits high. We will come out of this crazy period stronger, more resilient and connected than ever before. Stay strong Austin, we love you! (remember to always tip – cash is always the best or venmo to prevent transmission.)

Austin Restaurants Offering Takeout/Curb-Side/Delivery:

  • Antonelli’s Cheese – Virtual cheesemongering. You can chat with them to pick out cheese and go pickup curbside.
  • Thom’s Market – Local grocery merchant open daily, 8-10pm
  • Royal Blue Grocery – Local grocery market
  • Fresh Plus Atx – Local grocery market
  • Lolo Wine – Just opened 5 days ago, going to sell retail bottles for pickup.
  • Austin Beerworks – Offering drive-thru pickup service
  • Hungry – Offers delicious food from our amazing top local chefs delivered straight to your home. Perfect for large families- Just $12.50 a meal.

Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle

  • Black Swan Yoga– Offers Online Streaming Classes, $8/month after free-trial
  • Elizabeth Volk Jewelry – Just launched a new line and offering free Austin delivery. Go ahead and treat yourself to some bling or for that lucky lady in your life.
  • Vulcan Video – Get off streaming and rent from our local video store (great excuse to leave the house)
  • Stems Of ATX – A couple has donated all their flowers from their cancelled wedding and the profits from the sales are being donated to the Red River cultural District to support the local musicians affected by SXSW cancellations.
  • Local Yoga & Meditations Streaming Online – Various list assembled by Austin Monthly
  • Mauro Pilates– Private Live-Streaming Unlimited Classes from local pilates studio
  • Joy Organics – Local CBD oil and bath/body products Available online
  • Austin Animal Center & Austin Pets Alive – Looking for a furry friend to self-quarantine with? AAC and APA are desperately seeking fosters.
  • Hearth & Soul – Local boutique with beautiful gifts for kids, pets, men & women, home
  • Desk Plants – Local Austin Plant Co. Currently offering 20% off all website purchases. Perfect for that WFH life
  • Dandy Pet – Personalized dog vitamins and chews. They’re also doing WFH kits this week. Visit their IG to learn more
  • Sweet Change – Local brand, herbal tincture designed to reduce sugar cravings.


  • Hello Mailbox – Authentic, handwritten notes written, addressed and mailed on behalf of your company. What better way to engage and connect with your clients right now? (Female-owned business)
  • Personal Styling W/ Laurel Kinney – Live Personal Styling Demo this Saturday & Sunday, will be recorded and available for $39.99
  • Joust – Local startup. Business banking for the self-employed/contractors. Help get those SXSW invoices paid.
  • Morning Sun Acupuncture – Offering 1 on 1 acupuncture, an excellent way to reduce anxiety, tension and stress during this time

It’s hard for any of us to really make sense of everything that is happening right now, not only in our local community, but across the entire world. Unfortunately, much of this is out of our control, but we will still have some choices, and if we can conscientiously work to keep our community strong, united and moving, we will get through this together.

If you know of a local business that needs support or love during this time drop a link in the comments below.

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